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Puppet Masters of the 9

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1Puppet Masters of the 9 Empty Puppet Masters of the 9 on Fri Jun 15, 2012 7:19 pm

[Sasori of the Red Sand]

When Sasori was young, his father and mother were killed by Sakumo Hatake, leaving him with no one but his grandmother, Chiyo, to take care of him. To cheer up Sasori, Chiyo began to teach him the art of making puppets. He began making puppets at the age of five, and even made puppets that resembled his parents to get rid of the terrible loneliness he felt. But because they were only puppets, incapable of giving him the natural parental love he desired, he lost interest in them. They later fell into Chiyo's possession. Sasori proved to be a born natural at the art, even devising masterful ways of eliminating a puppet master's weakness.
Sasori created many ingenious puppets, including the ones that were now owned by Kankurō. During the Third Shinobi World War, these puppets were used so successfully, they dyed the sand red with blood. This gave rise to the name Sasori of the Red Sand. Twenty years before his introduction in the series, he left Sunagakure at age fifteen, after which he secretly kidnapped and killed the Third Kazekage (although his involvement in the Third's disappearance would not be discovered until around the time of his death). More than that, Sasori eventually converted himself into a human puppet to maintain his youthful appearance and increase his own offensive capabilities.
Some time after leaving the village, Sasori joined Akatsuki, and was eventually paired with Orochimaru. They had great respect for each other during their partnership, and did many things together. After Orochimaru left Akatsuki (after a failed attempt at stealing fellow member Itachi Uchiha's body), Sasori was teamed up with Deidara, although he always carried a grudge against his former partner. He sent Kabuto Yakushi to spy on Orochimaru, but Orochimaru dispelled Sasori's technique. Sasori was also shown having numerous other underlings and spies in many nations, such as Yūra and Mukade.

[Zhandou of the Toxic Illusion]
Zhandou was a Puppet Master of the 9th Dimension who was cast out for the attempted assasination of Sanji Uchiha (Son of the Rose Villages Leader, the Rozukage, Kagemaru Uchiha). Zhandou believed that Sanji had been preparing to lead an assult on, and take control of another Dimension, and he was deemed a threat to the village. Normally a Shinobi (from the 1st Dimension, the real Naruto Universe) would be cast out of the Village, but in the 9th Dimension you were to be cast to another Dimension entirely. Zhandou's original Puppets were taken by Kagemaru Himself, and given to Sanji, and Zhandou was cast to the 1st Dimension. Zhandou made more puppets, but did not have the reasources to make Puppets as good as the ones given to Sanji. Zhandou was an expert with Poison, and Medical Ninjutsu as well as Genjutsu through Puppets.

[Nadare of the land of Sharks]
Nadare was the only Ninja in the Land of Sharks who was a known Puppet Master. Nadare was born in the Village hidden in Scales, and was raised an Orphan. Nadare always had an unusual attitude towards anyone he did not know, as if he had no emotions what so ever, however when with his friends he seemed entirely fine. Up until he became infected by a decease that cause even the strongest man to go crazy. Nadare, like Sasori, started making Puppets of real Human's. He even killed his best friend, just to make him into a Puppet. Nadare had become fully dimented, and seeked to destroy everyone in the world and turn them all into puppets, but before he could make himself a Puppet he was captured by Kona Nara, and taken to the Rozukage's Palace, where he was sent to the First Dimension, the dicease dissapeared mysteriously upon transference.

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2Puppet Masters of the 9 Empty Prologue on Fri Jun 15, 2012 7:19 pm

Prolouge: Sasori's Newest Conviction

Sasori trained Naruto Uzumaki, and gave him all the information he could. However in the end Naruto Uzumaki was captured by the Akatsuki, and the 10 tails was born. Sasori united with various other Puppet Masters from the Sand, and attempted to take down the 10 tails. They failed. Only Sasori himself and two other Puppet Master's named Zhandou and Nadare survived. In the war against Tobi many Shinobi who came from another Dimension appeared. These Shinobi were Uchiha.
Two of the Uchiha were true in their goals to slay the 10 tails, and in doing so they restored all Jinchuriki and Bijuu from earlier days. The third of them was an Uchiha yes, but also an unusually tallented Puppet Master. Before his father and brother, Kagemaru and Tatsuo, could stop him he release a Forbbidden Jutsu called the Mugen fukkatsu or "Infinite Reanimation". This Jutsu was used to revive the Deva, Naraka, Preta, Asura, Animal, and Human paths of pain. However Sanji, could control the paths with another technique that alloud him to replicate the Rinnegan, and turn it into a controllable Doujutsu just like his Mangekyo Sharingan.
Sanji used each path to control 20 Puppets through his Kekkei Genkai "Dōin bodi no sōsa" other than the Assura who could control up to 40 at a time. Sasori did not agree with the reasoning of the new enemy, who killed both Kagemaru and Tatsuo, an decided to take him down himself. When he decreed his new Conviction, his new goal to stop Sanji Zhandou and Nadare both demanded that they assist. It was only fare, since both Zhandou and Nadare came from the same place as Sanji.

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